Interactive Wine Advisor

Wine bottle factice with interactive element for wine advice; customer: food retail industry

Display with Thermoforming Elements

Eye-catching display with deep drawn element; customer: Cosmetics Industry

Special Products

Individually developed figures made of deep drawn parts; customer: Misc.

Decorative Covers

Custom-fit thermoforming products for solariums / tanning beds; customer: KBL (Collarium)

Flat Banner and Display Sign

Durable outdoor advertising with deep drawn elements in company design; customer Herforder Brauerei

Deep Drawn Signs

Decorative thermoforming products for use at the point-of-sale; customer: Misc.

Flat banners and display signs

Outdoor advertising with different shapes and materials; customer: Misc.

Permanent Display

Special surface display with thermoforming elements as sparkling wine bottle factice; customer: HENKELL

Special Products

Multimedia cockpit for smartphones, tabs, headphones, digital cameras, mp3 players, GPS, and many more; customer: Misc.