Just wow!

Light, Holography, Interactivity, Augmented Reality or Artificial Snow: Dekora-Design adds the wow factor to your products!

Piquing curiosity, experiencing emotions, ensnaring the senses … inspiring people!

That's how you turn heads at the point of sale.

The race for the interest of the consumers is on, everywhere, all the time: The multi-media advertising drums are loud and can be heard from all possible distribution channels. It is quite the challenge to really attract the interest of potential customers when they are flooded each day with such a variety of different sensations.

There is a vast selection of modern product presentation to choose from: “Standing out, directing the views of the people, creating emotions” – that’s the credo that turns customers into purchasers. Every look can become a reality today, virtually everything is feasible.

In order to draw attention to a brand at the point-of-sale, creativity, know-how, and experience are imperative. Of course, technical prerequisites are important as well in order to create the most perfect product presentation.

Dekora-Design has been a highly competent partner in the fields of point-of-sale solutions, technical plastic components, and innovative design for more than 35 years – after all, the term ’design’ is even an integral part of our company name. The perfect interaction between the creative output of our own design unit, the technical consulting of our sales department, the development team and the design department helps ensure that the wow factor is added to every new project.

Furthermore, intensive market research efforts result in the discovery of the latest trends seen at international trade shows, constructive networking events, etc. It is the mission of Dekora-Design to always be cutting-edge. This is how our slogan “Piquing curiosity, experiencing emotions, ensnaring the senses …” is filled with life, project by project. Let Dekora-Design help you put your brand in the spotlight and turn people’s heads.

Brand showcases attract people magically, 

… if brand and presentation are harmoniously in-sync!

Increase the visibility of your products at the point-of-sale with Dekora-Design and a pinch of psychology.

Let current market research results work for the success of your brand!

Within the past decades, the formerly unknown customer has been turned into a “transparent” customer: With psychologists, sociologists, and marketing experts acting as lab mice, nothing regarding the purchasing behavior of customers remains unexplored, unanalyzed, or unevaluated. The times of a customer entering a store and purchasing individual products as needed and wanted without being guided are long gone. The conditions are completely different today. Stores have been transformed into consume temples, products come with a design from the development all the way to their packaging. The presentation of products has been optimized.

It is no longer a secret, when the ‘left-turning‘ customer (… it is proven that leading your customers counter-clockwise results in 10% more revenue!) prefers to go shopping, what and how much he or she purchases under which circumstances. Regularly updated market research data proves all of that. Cameras now record where a customer looks, which shelf space he or she directs or doesn’t direct his or her attention to. Being first or second place the supermarket, the structuring of zones to create the perfect atmosphere or the smart placement of product groups are a result of those findings.

The mentioned market research studies indicate one interesting fact: Many purchasing decisions are made subconsciously. The experts quickly reacted, set up shopping centers accordingly and use the art of psychology successfully in order to convince consumers to buy something.  The presentation of a product at the point-of-sale plays a very important role in all of this: It needs to be eye-catching, the customer needs to feel captivated and thrilled. The result of a behavioral research study shows that an incredibly 70% of all purchasing decisions are made on impulse…




The shopping list, old school or as a smartphone app, the perfect reminder that is intended to protect consumers from purchasing items on impulse but does it really serve its purpose? Bread, tomatoes, and cheese are on the list but at the checkout, a bottle of sparkling wine, chocolate, and batteries are put on the conveyor belt as well – an all too familiar scenario. This is all possible due to the results of the behavioral study as we as a product presentation that takes advantage of the outcome of that study.

In addition to purchases made on impulse, planned and goal-oriented purchases are an everyday reality: Jelly, a new couch, or the treat for the dog – this is where the attention of the customer needs to be drawn away from competing products to your very own brand. Vibrant colors, unusual shapes, or the element of motion are typical measures of increasing the level of attracted attention at the point-of-sale. A current possibility to captivate potential purchasers is with digital signage. Impressive techniques such as interactivity, holography, or even augmented reality, the computer-supported addition to the perception of reality, are a part of this and need to be highlighted specifically.

If your brand is made for the big stage that captivates the consumer with lots of glitter and bling-bling and increases the consumer’s heartbeat or whether a maximum of reduction for a quiet and reserved presentation is more appropriate, can be decided after evaluating the situation objectively. Dekora-Design analyzes, assesses, draws up a concept, and finds the right solution and the most perfect presentation measure at the point-of-sale for every brand and every product!

Please check the section ‘Projects’ for six examples of the breathtaking wow factor created by Dekora-Design. The examples show you how modern stylistic elements are able to focus on the senses of the customer, awaken desires, and enthuse at the same time. Look forward to meeting: Lisa, who admires the miracles of robotics. Tim, who admires the modern world of brands. Klara, who gets to her destination taking the most direct path. Theo, who is surprised by the modern infotainment and last but not least, Marie, who enjoys taking a mild sunbath.

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