Wine bottle factice with interactive element for wine advice

Interactive Wine Advisor

Wine bottle factice with interactive element for wine advice; customer: food retail industry

Perfect technical realization

Outdoor Stele

Perfect technical realization; customer: misc.

Standing column for printed and digital information material

Digital Signage Information Stele

Standing column for printed and digital information material; customer: Deutsche Postbank AG

Presentation furniture for the consumer electronics retailing (misc. customer)


Presentation furniture for the consumer electronics retailing; customer: misc.

Individual Shop-in-Shop system as part of an Entertainment World (Kärcher)

Shop-in-Shop System

Individual multifunction sales stand as part of an entertainment world; customer: Kärcher

All design elements with a modern look

Branch Furniture and Advertising Displays

Counter and wall modules, as well as highlight presentation display; customer: Cheil/SAMSUNG

With elements such as round highlighters to loosen up the atmosphere

Shop-in-Shop Modules

Wall modules and headers, as well as counter displays; customer: Cheil/SAMSUNG


Display with Thermoforming Elements

Eye-catching display with deep drawn element; customer: Cosmetics Industry

Display with integrated product tray (optional: with screen)

Freestanding Display Rack with Advertisement Display

Display rack as nose spray bottle with product tray; customer: Pharmaceutical Industry

individuell entwickelte Präsentationslösungen

Special Products

Individually developed figures made of deep drawn parts; customer: Misc.

with welded (ultrasonic) parts

Decorative Covers

Custom-fit thermoforming products for solariums / tanning beds; customer: KBL (Collarium)


Branch Furniture and Information System

Presentation desks, partially combined with digital signage system; customer: HypoVereinsbank


Branch Furniture and Advertising Displays

Presentation desks, wall- and ceiling modules, as well as counter displays; customer: Cheil/SAMSUNG

With deep drawn elements

Flat Banner and Display Sign

Durable outdoor advertising with deep drawn elements in company design; customer Herforder Brauerei


Highlight Presentation Display

Freestanding display rack with laser-cut, illuminated logo of the company; customer: Cheil/SAMSUNG


Deep Drawn Signs

Decorative thermoforming products for use at the point-of-sale; customer: Misc.

In company’s corporate design of Deutsche Post

Outdoor Advertising

E,g, display sign made of acryl glass with stainless steel frame and illuminated advertising tray; customer: Deutsche Post AG, Deutsche Postbank AG

As display banners or flat banners

Flat banners and display signs

Outdoor advertising with different shapes and materials; customer: Misc.

For unrestricted outdoor use

Full Outdoor Stele

Digital signage stele for unrestricted outdoor use; customer: self promotion


Shop-in-Shop System

Illuminated cabin walls, steles, and fabric sample cart; customer: Metropolis by Michalsky Living


Product Displays

Misc. freestanding display racks; customer: Royal Canin


Advertising Display

Advertising display for hygiene products with unit for product presentation; customer: Cosmetics Industry


Permanent Display

Special surface display with thermoforming elements as sparkling wine bottle factice; customer: HENKELL


Beverage Display

Illuminated product display with exchangeable brand elements; customer: UGW/Pernod Ricard

DS indoor steles in different formats and designs

Digital Signage Standards

Misc. standard information steles for indoor and outdoor areas; customer: misc.

SCHUECO Consulting Center

Shop-in-Shop Standard Modules

Modular system made of aluminum extrusions; customer: Schüco


Semi-Outdoor Stele

Stele for protected outdoor areas for digital public transportation timetables for information purposes; customer: Public Transportation Industry

For smartphones, tabs, headphones, and many more

Special Products

Multimedia cockpit for smartphones, tabs, headphones, digital cameras, mp3 players, GPS, and many more; customer: Misc.