Thermoforming – an economic production method with many possibilities

In this project, Dekora-Design was asked to develop and manufacture decorative blinds for the solarium / tanning bed industry. The following aspects were essential: absolute accuracy of fit and perfect surface properties

Not an easy task but nothing that Dekora-Design couldn’t handle. We use the advantages of combinable machining and refinement processes and produce complex components for leading manufacturers in the tanning bed industry. Among other products, we produce decorative covers in the highest quality, made through thermoforming, 3D 5 axis milling machines, other refinement techniques and, this might be the most important ingredient, our many years of experience. Different materials that are suitable for thermoforming are processed in perfection by Dekora-Design, so that robust products with a modern, high grade look for all kinds of applications can be developed.


Workflow Thermoforming

  • Development of the decorative covers
  • Development of shapes, tools, milling fixtures and –programs (alternatively: transfer of customer data) for the 5-axis milling process
  • Manufacturing of decorative covers and pre-manufacturing of assemblies


  • Decorative covers and cases made of coextruded ABS/PMMA (class A surface finish), different colorings of decorative layer, metallic effect possible
  • Material made of impact resistant ABS, plus 2 decorative layer made of colored PMMA (acrylic) and clear coat finish
  • Assemblies with welded components (ultrasonic), made of clear or satin-finished acryl glass or metallized polystyrene, pre-manufactured at Dekora-Design

Distinctive Feature

  • (Just-in-time rollout) including custom-made transport fixtures

Every project has its distinctive feature:

Custom-made transport fixtures for the (just-in-time) rollout of the large components.

The story with the WOW factor: Marie enjoys taking a mild sunbath.

Appearance is very important to Marie and therefore, she would like to tan her pale skin in a tanning studio. She wants it to be mild and safe without and potential danger for her skin. The first impression matters now: The modern look of the tanning bed interests Marie and gives her the needed level of trust for her to make a decision.

The WOW factor: The tanning bed industry hides the technology of the devices behind attractive decorating covers in order to provide a more aesthetic look to customers. By combining versatile production and refinement processes, Dekora-Design is able to give the tanning beds of leading manufacturers an appealing look.