Outdoor Advertising – demanding solutions brought to you by Dekora-Design

Deutsche Post AG and Deutsche Postbank AG furnish their branches with illuminated outdoor lighting. The goal: generating customer attention, clarity and the most optimal first impression.

The production of durable display signs with the corporate design of the client was the focus of this project. The distinctive feature: A high volume order was to be processed within a relatively short time, including production and delivery with detailed assembly instructions. In addition to the outdoor advertising, Dekora-Design also handled the concept and delivery of branch furniture: sales stands, gift card displays and digital signage information steles.

But let’s get back to the topic of outdoor advertising as this where Dekora-Design offers a truly interesting and complete portfolio: Display and flat banners, outdoor pylons, information signs, orientation plan in small or large quantities and many more. All outdoor advertising elements are manufactured individually and direct the focus on your brand. The first impression counts! There are no limits with regard to the possible combinations of different materials, e.g. aluminum or stainless steel with acryl glass. High-grade workmanship with all components, as well as the use of modern lighting technology guarantee the necessary long lifetime for outdoor use.


Workflow Outdoor Advertising

  • Fabrication of all elements of the display signs (frame, advertising tray, and labeling)
  • Delivery with assembly material, wired ready for connection, with illustrated assembly instructions


  • Frame of the display signs made of stainless steel pipes (V4A), TIG welding on miter joint, surface etched and brushed
  • Advertising tray made of thermally edged and tempered (large radii) acryl glass, UV resistant, glued
  • Labels made of laminated, durable, plotted high performance foils

Distinctive Feature

  • Illumination, either with fluorescent lamps or LEDs

Every project has its distinctive feature:

UV resistant high performance foil print made by Dekora-Design.

The story with the WOW factor: Klara getting to her destination by taking the most direct path.

Klara in traveling and would like to send her granddaughter a birthday package while she is on her journey – but where can she go to mail the package? Luckily, she notices the yellow outdoor advertisement of Deutsche Post from a distance and knows that she will reach her destination shortly.

The WOW Factor: Creating clarity despite swarms of people in busy shopping centers and safely guiding customers is a challenging task. Doing it in a clear and concise manner by providing a strong signaling effect is the way to do it.