Handmade manufacturing work, quality and reliability.

Customer-specific solutions with the highest level of workmanship – regardless of the ordered quantity, of course!

After the pilot series has been produced successfully and meets the expectations of the customer, the production of the ordered quantities or partial orders for the desired product presentation items is scheduled and the phase of serial production begins.

In a production and storage facility of more than 10,000 square meters, Dekora-Design houses manual workshops and innovative hightech areas. This results in a wide range of possibilities for the productions and refinement of products.

A glimpse at the workflow in the production:

A brief sample of the production capabilities at Dekora-Design: In our metal workshop, steel, aluminum, as well as stainless steel up to the quality level V4A are used for manufacturing. Special techniques, such as TIG welding, milling, stamping, and edging are utilized. To provide a unique surface refinement, we take advantage of special belt grinders.

Dekora-Design is also cutting edge when it comes to the refinement of wood: The proven know-how of our carpenters and wood technicians on top of our modern equipment with a sawing center, several CNC machines and much more, guarantee the high quality processing of wood.

Dekora-Design is also a certified specialist for working with plastics. Thermoforming is one of our trademark crafts: For our customer, we manufacture complex industrial pieces, from small up to impressive formed part sizes. For the finishing touches for thermoforming parts, we use a high precision CNC-5-axis milling machine.

Due to the multitude of manufacturing techniques, such as laser-cutting of wood, plastic, and metal, first-class samples, small production series, and high volume orders can be produced at a low cost for our customers.

Various assembly stations of the manufacture can be used as required by our customers to assemble entire assembly groups or finished products. We utilize special techniques, like ultrasonic welding, gluing, stamping, laminating (with foil), bending (thermal edge bending) and riveting.

At the end of the production phase, the optimal storage of the finished products is our next task, as the product rollout and installation is not always scheduled for right after the production. It is quite common that a partial order is delivered first and that the remainder of the order is stored at Dekora-Design.

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