When ideas turn into reality and excite your customers.

Dekora-Design works persistently to meet your requirements, including international rollout.

Your product presentation system has been produced but the support of Dekora-Design doesn’t stop there. The previously planned logistics concept now makes life easier: The products are securely packaged, sometimes even with individually manufactured transport fixtures and the (just-in-time) rollout phase can begin. The on-site assembly, installation, and coordination is then carried out by the Dekora-Design installation team.

Our services also include the commissioning of the product, as well as a sophisticated after-sales service package. You as our customer are always able to modify the process chain as you see fit and to communicate which services you possibly no longer require, which tasks you wish to carry out by yourself or assign to another party. Whenever products are stored at Dekora-Design, you are able to request for those products to be shipped and can schedule on-time delivery at any time.

A glimpse at the workflow after production:

Service and customer focus have always been core values of Dekora-Design. Customer satisfaction is a key element of long-lasting success of a company. Focusing on the customer in everything you think and do, being innovative without forgetting the bigger picture of things – it’s the credo of a company with more than 35 years of experience. 

Dekora-Design offers a variety of customer-focused, wholistic service features. This also includes the after-sales service: installation, commissioning, service, repair and success monitoring are only a few examples of our all-round service portfolio.

The competent Dekora-Design installation teams assist the customer in a reliable and highly professional fashion. Furthermore, due to their very own fleet, the Dekora-Design teams are able to provide flexible and fast service to all of our customers at any time.

Why your customers ‘dig‘ Dekora-Design …  THE WOW FACTOR