A store with the branding of your company

A lot of factors need to be considered when developing a concept for a branch outfit, so that materials, colors, shapes, and all technical features truly blend together to create the perfect focus on your brand. This applies to the professional design of the entrance, as well as the floors, the ceiling and the products at the point-of-sale: This is where professionalism and experience truly make the difference.

Wholistic Solution: Branch Outfit by Dekora-Design

Applying the branding of a company to a branch outfit is a challenge that Dekora-Design is eager to face on behalf of your company. As a full-service provider and specialist for individual product presentation solutions, we are able to offer everything from one source: outdoor advertisement, store window design, wall elements, the complete furniture for the branch, as well as individual stands and displays.

It is always our mission to create the most unique solution, as you can see in the example of a bank branch outfit on the left side. An aesthetic design, clear shapes and a smart combintion of materials are combined to create a professional and convincing look. Dekora-Design was responsible for the overall workflow: technical consulting and calculation, concept and design, development of a prototype, manufacturing, rollout, and on-site installation.

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