Imaginative product display – Thermoforming used creatively

The likable figure ’Robby‘ was developed to support the brand of a series of children’s books and to generate impulse purchases. Today, Robby can be found as the mascot of “Ravensburger Friendz” in many bookshops.

It is a unique and imaginative product display that immediately draws attention. Using a number of precisely manufactured thermoforming components and a lot of production know-how, a figure was developed that contributed to the brand image of the company Ravensburger in a likable fashion. Dekora-Design was responsible for all process steps: from the technical consulting phase, the manufacturing of the prototype and the conscious decision to use certain colors and shapes, all the way to the perfect execution of the project. More products can be found in the rotatable book column – also developed by Dekora-Design.


Workflow Product Display

  • Technical consulting by our own development department
  • Production of the required tools in our own mold construction department
  • Manufacturing of the display by using thermoforming, gluing, welding, laminating and painting techniques
  • Rollout


  • Vacuum-formed body parts, mounted around a powder-coated steel frame
  • Glued and welded (ultrasonic)
  • Polystyrene colored and gloss laminated according to customer
  • Ornamentation (eyes, mouth) made of plotted high durability foils, partially liquid-coated with masking foils

Distinctive Feature

  • Manufacturing of tools for thermoforming with hands-free modeling based on drawings and later molding in aluminum cast resin

Every project has its distinctive feature:

Robby was developed on a computer screen and then modeled hands-free in the molding department.

The story with a WOW factor: Lisa admires the miracle of robotics.

“Who on earth are you?” A funny, green creature stands prominently located in the children’s department of a bookstore and astonishes Lisa. Due to the display in a design that is suitable for the target customer group and because of the likable look of the robot, Lisa is immediately interested in the miniature books …

The WOW factor: Robby is a truly eye-catching product display that looks like a robot. Designed with the target customer group in mind, the display supports the brand presentation of a book series for children.