Visions, Ideas, and Concepts

Support right from the start: Benefit from the ideas, the experience and the know-how of Dekora-Design team.

Directly following the verbal or written briefing by the customer to compile all relevant details for the project, the concept phase commences, including a market and target customer group analysis or definition provided by Dekora-Design. The only exception: the customer already has all relevant data and provides that data directly.

Resulting from the detailed analysis, all of the next steps are planned: A concept defines very precisely, how the brand should be showcased ideally at the point-of-sale and it suggests a specific strategy. After this strategy has been presented to the customer and possible revisions have been implemented, the consulting phase ends and the creative work can begin.

A glimpse at the workflow prior to production:

The inhouse-design-unit at Dekora-Design designs concept proposals or uses the designs of the customer. First scribbles are then turned into realistic 3D visualizations that already allow the customer to see what the finished product will look like. After the presentation and further modifications in accordance with the requests of the customer, materials, techniques and manufacturing processes are documented in the concept, so that a rough calculation of the overall project can be drafted.

The design department takes over: modern 3D software enables an efficient development of your individual presentation system – all the way from a basic displays to a complex branch outfit. The design data becomes the foundation for all further process steps, e.g. CNC equipment reads the information via interfaces, so that a precise manufacturing process with proper tools can be guaranteed.

Professional project scheduling and project management follow – all project phases along the way, of course based on certified quality management in accordance with DIN ISO 9001.

The project is then transferred to the Dekora-Design prototyping where first prototypes are developed, the pilot series is manufactured and the documentation of the processes is drawn up.

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