Standard digital signage solutions – practical and affordable

Standards create possibilities, offer alternatives, or generate prospects for new ideas. The standard product range of Dekora-Design includes information steles, showcases, display cabinets in many shapes and dimensions for indoor use, protected outdoor areas, or unrestricted use outdoors. They are available individually as prominent, eye-catching systems, with or without brochure chutes, with straight or tilted screens, with screens in classic or landscape format and many other interesting specifications.

Technical Realization: Stele Construction at Dekora-Design

As is to be expected of all Dekora-Design products, standard products are also smart solutions that never fail to amaze: Part of the standard elements are access panels that are easy to handle and accessible in case of service or repair tasks. The self-supporting housing allows for the interior of the stele to be designed freely with the possibility to integrate optional element (e.g. illuminated logos, etc.) without a lot of effort. Standard surfaces are very durable and robust steel sheet powder coating, e.g. in graphite gray – metallic, or high quality aluminum extrusions.

Last but not least: The digital signage systems of the standard segment can be modified easily to match the corporate design of your company. It is the combination of quality and flexibility, as well as short lead times and attractive prices that have made the digital signage standards of Dekora-Design so successful.

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