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Innovations at the point-of-sale are more popular than ever before: Multimedia systems (digital signage), holography or augmented reality are techniques that have recently revolutionized the field of product presentation. An interesting project in this segment was the campaign “Cooler Kühler” (Cool Cooler) that can be found in the download section of our website. This is a beverage refrigerator with a display integrated in its door and the built-in WOW factor.

It is also the clever combination of shapes and functions, colors and a smart mix of materials is able to draw the attention of potential customers and leave an impression at the point-of-sale.

Possibilities and ideas brought to you by Dekora-Design

“Augmented Reality” (expanded reality) is an innovative technique that can be used to draw attention to your products via 3D presentation. Your product is shown according to your requests, in a realistic fashion. In fact, it appears to be so realistic, that the customer believes he or she is able to grab the product. Dekora-Design offers the complete package: content development, hard- and software, as well as presentation systems such as steles and product displays.

Another interesting technique is the area of holography: Based on standardized and individual holography display, Dekora-Design offers the third dimension of product presentation. Ultilizing the built-in digital signage solutions of Dekora-Design, you can showcase your products to your target customer group in a direct and emotional fashion. Once again, Dekora-Design can offer you the complete solution package: hardware, software, and content development.

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