An endless variety of displays

The Dekora-Design service portfolio for product and advertisement displays includes all possible types of display, steles, sales stands, display cabinets, information systems, etc. in all shapes, sizes, and materials? There are (almost) no limits in terms of individual functionality and prominent lighting, either. Throughout the course of the execution of the project, the focus remains on the perfect presentation of your brand. Utilize Dekora-Design’s more than 35 years of experience in showcase manufacturing and see the high quality of the finished product with your own eyes – from the consulting phase, the design phase, production, all the way to the rollout – everything from one source, everything from Dekora-Design!

Sample Workflow: Showcase manufacturing at Dekora-Design

After the design draft of the shown beverage display had been visualized by hand in first scribbles, a proper design with a powerful 3D program (Rhino) was developed on the computer. The resulting renderings at this early stage already provided a pretty reliable idea of the finished product. After production of a prototype, the manufacturing and rollout phases followed, along with the installation at the store. Many special features, such as an LED illumination with changing colors, the integrated refrigerator for beverages, or the seasonal modification option due to the possibility to change frames (e.g. for the soccer championships, Christmas, etc.) result in the desired WOW factor for customers at the point-of-sale.

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