Eye Catcher – the first impression counts!

Outdoor advertisements, created individually according to your particular needs, draw attention and put your brand in the spotlight: No matter if you decide to use flat banners, facade banners, pylons, display signs, information signs, rigid or rotatable system in small or large – it is all part of what Dekora-Design can offer you. There are virtually no limits with regard to the combination of materials that can be used, e.g. aluminum and polycarbonate. The high quality processing of components and the use of state-of-the-art lighting technology guarantee the necessary lifetime for outdoor use.

Technical Possibilities at Dekora-Design

The diverse production capabilities of Dekora-Design can be seen especially in the field of outdoor advertising due to the multifaceted and demanding range of available products. In our workshops, cutting edge hightech processes go hand-in-hand with traditional manual processes: In our metal workshop, steel, aluminum, as well as stainless steel up to the quality level V4A are used for manufacturing. Special techniques, such as TIG welding, milling, stamping, and edging are utilized. To provide a unique surface refinement, we take advantage of special belt grinders.

Dekora-Design is also a certified specialist for working with plastics. Thermoforming is one of our trademark crafts. For the finishing touches for thermoforming parts, we use a high precision CNC-5-axis milling machine. Due to the wide range of manufacturing techniques, such as laser cutting of wood, plastic and metal pieces, first-class prototypes, low volume series and high volume series productions can be realized at an affordable price – which is also a great advantage regarding outdoor advertising.

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