Individual Digital Signage solutions – custom-made success at the point-of-sale

When digital media is utilized at the point-of-sale, there is also a host of new possibilities to attract customers. Dekora-Design offers the complete service range of digital communication: in addition to purely digital signage displays and stele construction, as well as misc. standard solutions, we also offer customer-specific, wholisitc systems that are linked centrally.

It is your choice, whether you use Dekora-Design’s Digital Signage solution in one single branch or if you connect a number of systems – both options are technologically possible. Our solutions comply with all current and future requirements as the technical components (screens, hardware, software) are all state-of-the-art.

Technical Possibilities at Dekora-Design

Digital Signage is much more than a combination of a screen and some software – there are lots of very diverse possibilities: Combine digital content with your exhibit or use the long range effect of the screen housing to attract the attention of the viewer …

The Dekora-Design experts support you when you make your selection of a Digital Signage system that fits your product strategy perfectly. You decide, if your main focus relates to surface feel, appearance, or product placement. The Dekora-Design consortium offers all possible services regarding the topic point-of-sale tv: the initial consulting, the project management, the installation, the editing, the content development, the content management, as well as the success management. Depending on the area of application and size of the project, Dekora-Design offers you a tailor-made digital signage solution from one single source!

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